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Theus Law Offices has experience in all forms of real estate transactions, including residential and complex commercial closings, 1031 (like kind) exchanges, lending and leasing transactions, title services and title insurance.  Our clients are realtors, lenders, loan officers and – most importantly – buyers and sellers. 

The world of real estate is fraught with errors, and disputes frequently arise.  Our attorneys represent clients in all types of real estate litigation, including disputes involving buy-sell or purchase agreements, construction contracts and defects, quiet title actions, foreclosures, leases, easements, boundary disputes, title defects, tax sales, partitions, liens and encumbrances, restrictions, servitudes and other rights of passage. 

Our attorneys provide sound advice that enables clients to make informed decisions and the experienced strategy necessary to resolve real estate litigation effectively. 

To discuss your real estate issues with an experienced attorney, call us today for an appointment. 

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