Solutions Scholarship

Don't like something? Do something about it.

student scholarships in louisiana

Have big ideas?  Make it happen.  Theus Law Offices is offering a scholarship of $1,000.00 to a college bound Louisiana High School Senior for creative problem solving.


Identify the biggest problem or challenge to your community, State, Country or planet and how you can help solve it. Succinctly identify the problem, which may be a current problem or a perceived future problem. Formulate and describe a solution. Emphasis should be placed on the solution, not the problem. Creativity is encouraged. Think outside the box. Think Solutions.

Applications should be sent by email to by March 15, 2019.

Please include the following:
  1. Essay in .pdf format (no word limit, but brevity is encouraged) and/or a video link addressing the call of the question;
  2. Photograph (digital format);
  3. Mailing address;
  4. Current High School of enrollment;
  5. College acceptance letter, proof of enrollment or declaration of intent to attend a college of your choice if Solutions Scholarship is awarded to you;
  6. Verified Grade Point Average (no minimum is required).

The winner will be notified in late April 2019.

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