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Estate Planning Seminar Louisiana

What You THINK You Know About Estate Planning, But Really DON'T, Can Hurt You!  



Estate Planning & Asset Protection Workshop





 Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 10am or 6pm


Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 10am or 6pm

Live Event (Only 10 Seats Available per Session)

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Do You Need A Will, A Trust, Or Neither?

Join us for a FREE informational workshop about how to plan and protect your estate and enhance your long-term care options -- and avoid what causes most estate plans to fail!
Attend this FREE event and learn the following:  
  1. The right way - and the wrong way - to plan and protect your estate;
  2. Do you need a will, a trust, or neither? 
  3. Why most estate plans fail (and how to avoid it);
  4. How to save your assets from the potentially crushing costs of nursing home care;
  5. Whether you should avoid the probate process (the Court process to execute your Will);
  6. How to nominate loved ones who can protect you in case you cannot take care of yourself;
  7. How to prevent an inheritance from accidentally kicking a family member off government assistance programs;
  8. How to protect everything you own and everyone you love from unforeseeable claims (and that scary new daughter-in-law or widow-chasing Casanova);
  9. How to build a lasting legacy that will safeguard your assets today and for all future generations! 

Learn how to stay in control while you are alive so you don't outlive your money or become a burden on your children.  

Learn how the law can help you if you know the rules and take steps to use them to your advantage.  

Estate Planning isn't just about planning for death. It's about planning for the rest of your LIFE!  You've worked hard for what you have. You should decide what happens to you and your assets so that you stay in control.

Attorney J. Graves Theus, Jr. has helped thousands of Louisiana families plan and protect their estates, and has successfully litigated many improperly planned estates. You will learn something new, have fun, and be glad you came.

Seating is Very Limited, So Reserve Your Seat Today!



Estate Planning Mistake No. 1: 
Revocable Trusts Provide No Asset Protection



FREE Estate Planning Workshops - Call 318.541.8999 or Register Online (below) 


Notice: Seating is VERY Limited For All Live Seminars at our Private Sanitized Facility Due to Coronavirus Precautions Being Taken By Theus Law Offices  



Upcoming Estate Planning & Asset Protection Workshops:


Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 10am or 6pm


Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 10am or 6pm

Live Event (Only 10 Seats Per Session)



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